Our new product developments at Agritechnica 2019:

XERION with crawler tracks and Stage V engines

CLAAS launches the XERION TRAC TS with four crawler tracks. The system tractor range also features Stage V engines and CEBIS with touchscreen. The new XERION 4200 replaces the XERION 4000.


SCORPION updates include new top model

CLAAS has updated the SCORPION range to include a new top model – the 960 with 6.5 t lifting capacity. The telehandler range features a host of refinements and now complies with the Stage V emission standard.


CLAAS launches the assistance system CEMOS for tractors

CEMOS for tractors is a dialogue-based operator assistance system which optimises machine settings to get the best results from the tractor and attached implement. The system is now available for ARION and AXION tractors.


AXION 900 TERRA TRAC available in two models.

After unveiling the prototype at Agritechnica 2017, CLAAS is now releasing two versions of its unique half-track tractors with full suspension for the 2020 season – the AXION 960 TERRA TRAC and 930 TERRA TRAC.


ARION 600/500 and AXION 800 now with Stage V engines.

CLAAS is introducing engines compliant with the Stage V emissions standard in the AXION 800 as well as the ARION 600 and 500 for the 2020 model year. These latest models feature a number of other innovations, including the option to control ISOBUS-compatible machines via the CEBIS terminal.


CLAAS API connects to Farm Management Information Systems.

CLAAS has developed the new CLAAS API to provide an interface between TELEMATICS and third party Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS) – making it much simpler for farmers to use their chosen software solution for planning and documentation.

JAGUAR with a raft of innovations and a new top-of-the-range model.

CLAAS will be introducing the JAGUAR 990 as the new top-of-the-range model in the 900 forage harvester model series. It is also available with TERRA TRAC crawler tracks. For the introduction of the Stage V exhaust standard, the JAGUAR 970 is equipped with a new engine. Additionally, both the 900 and 800 models have the new CEBIS Touch operating concept, plus numerous further updates.


CLAAS expands the new ORBIS generation.

The generation of maize front attachments for the JAGUAR is further extended with the ORBIS 450 and the large-disc ORBIS 600. These models feature optimum crop flow, high efficiency and functional reliability.


First direct cloud-to-cloud solution for the agricultural sector.

Until now, farmers with mixed machine fleets have been able to display, process and document data only at the level of individual machines or on manufacturer portals. With DataConnect, CLAAS, 365FarmNet and John Deere have come up with the first direct multi-manufacturer, industry-wide open cloud-to-cloud solution.

LEXION 8000 and 7000: New combine harvesters with up to 790 hp.

The LEXION 8000 and 7000 are equipped with the new APS SYNFLOW HYBRID threshing unit. The power rating of up to 790 hp/581 kW takes the new models into a new performance class.

LEXION 6000 and 5000: A new dimension in straw walkers.

The new LEXION 6000 and 5000 feature a completely new APS SYNFLOW WALKER threshing unit.

CONVIO and CONVIO FLEX with more working widths.

CLAAS has extended the range of CONVIO FLEX and CONVIO draper-type cutterbars with the new 930 and 770 models, with working widths of 9.30 m and 7.70 m.

Further information

ROLLANT 520: Reliability in all conditions.

CLAAS is introducing the new 520 fixed-chamber round baler. The new basic model in the 1.25-m segment features a new roller concept, optimised chain lubrication and stylish modern design. Variants with cutterbars, rotors and feed rakes are available.



With TIM SPEED CONTROL, the forward speed of the tractor can now be controlled from CARGOS 9000 and 8000 self-loading forage wagons. This ISOBUS function has multi-manufacturer compatibility for certified tractors.