VARIANT 485 - 460


Secure and reliable bale wrapping.

VARIANT 485 - 460


Secure and reliable bale wrapping.


VARIANT 485-460
  • Fast wrapping, thanks to high belt speeds
  • More precise twine or net wrapping, thanks to new feed plate
  • Save time with the automatic start of the wrapping system
  • Twine wrapping for firm bales that will hold their shape

Bale, bind and on to the next bale.

Round baling systems require the machine to stop briefly while the bale is wrapped or tied. However, even in this respect, the VARIANT offers a crucial benefit with its speed and efficiency. The process starts automatically once the desired bale diameter has been reached. The high belt speed of 3 m/s ensures an extremely fast tying cycle, making it possible to continue baling right away without wasting any time.

VARIANT 485-460

The patented intake plate.

Developed by CLAAS, and patented by CLAAS – the newly developed guiding plate works in two stages, and ensures an even more reliable tying of the bale. The plate opens during the baling process, and this prevents feed matter from accumulating. The plate closes again during the tying process. This ensures that the net or twine is guided optimally. The result is an extremely reliable tying system – and extremely satisfied operators.

Fully automatic start of wrapping.

Wrapping starts fully automatically, for both net and dual-twine wrapping. The VARIANT's storage compartment offers plenty of space for your wrapping materials. You can stow two rolls of net, or up to ten twine rolls, as you prefer.

Fast and precise: twine tying.

The VARIANT delivers outstanding wrapping and tying performance, with either net or dual twine. Following the fully automatic start, the easily adjustable, precisely operating wrapping system sets about producing firm bales with excellent shape retention – and all at record speed, thanks to the 3-m/s bale rotation.

VARIANT 485-460

Good things can sometimes be fast as well.

  • Cleanly shaped bales with the new CLAAS Covered net wrapping
  • New CLAAS Covered XW net wrapping for perfect bales right to the edge
  • Perfect overview, cleaning and maintenance, thanks to the wide-opening cover
  • Optimal quality: ORIGINAL CLAAS BALETEX twine and CLAAS ROLLATEX PRO net
VARIANT 485-460

CLAAS Covered net wrapping.

The diameter of the net roll decreases with each bale. Yet the net has to be kept at a constant tension, for edge-to-edge coverage of the wrapped bale. To meet this requirement, the net roll brake force is adjusted by a special net wrap linkage and lateral spirals. The result is firm bales that will hold their shape and are ideally prepared for further processing.

Optional equipment: CLAAS Covered XW net wrapping.

For hay, straw or silage, the XW (extra-wide) net wrapping system, available as optional equipment, is your guarantee of perfectly formed bales that will hold their shape. The spiral rollers used in the VARIANT provide a net overlap at the bale edges. This means the bales are ideally protected for road transport and storage. The extra-wide ROLLATEX PRO XW 1.3-m net roll makes an ideal wrapping material.

VARIANT 485-460

Clear view of the wrapping operation.

To enable you to keep an eye on the wrapping operation, and make sure things are happening where and when they should, the wrapping system remains clearly visible at all times, as is usual with CLAAS balers. The wide-opening inspection cover allows easy cleaning and servicing.

Net and twine for professionals.

Maximum wrapping reliability and optimal reliability with ORIGINAL CLAAS BALETEX baler twine and with CLAAS ROLLATEX PRO net for optimal edge coverage. With CLAAS Covered XW wrapping, the ROLLATEX PRO XW 1.3 m is optimally fitted to meet your requirements.

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