Four-rotor swathers

Ingenuity and innovation are the hallmarks of the LINER four-rotor swather. Over 22 years' experience in the market and the field combined with our unshakeable desire for continuous improvement produces outstanding swathing results.

Andreas Wetzel (product manager) and Clemens Frick (design engineer) are a key part of the team responsible for making the LINER four-rotor swather what it is today. Prepare to be won over!

Four rotors for a thick swath. With over 20 years' experience.

Invented, tested and refined. The LINER four-rotor swather is synonymous with quality, efficiency, reliability and comfort.

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We understand the importance of doing a first-rate job and producing top-quality forage. So we offer not just the widest tyres on the market, but the largest choice of tyres to boot – not just for the main frame, but for the rotor chassis too. And there's an optional six-wheel version available for all four rotors.

What’s more, CLAAS is the only manufacturer to offer the patented fully floating cardan suspension. A dual spring enables quick and simple equalisation of the rotors to ensure ultra-smooth running – even at higher operating speeds


Time is money. So we deliberately opted for a mechanical drive because it is simple, direct and efficient. The friction clutches we use provide outstanding power transmission and 'non-stop overload protection'.

In addition, the patented design with double telescopic function and C-profile makes it incredibly easy to switch rapidly between working and transport position – and the working width can be adjusted from the comfort of the cab.


When it comes to the core component of the LINER, we naturally turned to our tried-and-tested rotor drive assembly for professional operators. It runs in an oil bath for continuous lubrication to ensure maximum service life.

The main frame is the primary supporting element in the four-rotor swather, like a spinal column in a human. The enormous cross-section combined with the trapezoidal profile is designed to absorb forces evenly. The control block, electronics module and hydraulic valves are located on the inside, where they are well protected.


If you find yourself doing a night shift, you can still keep a close eye on everything. The six optional LED work lights provide a clear view of main working areas around the machine.

What's more, the machine is not just intelligently engineered – it also features a range of well-conceived solutions designed to make your job easier. For instance, all hose connections are tidily stowed in a special parking bracket. And the hoses are clearly marked to make it easy to attach them.

Quality. For clean forage and a tidy job.

Wide tyres.

In addition to large-volume main frame tyres, the LINER four-rotor swathers can be fitted with the optional six-wheel chassis for all four rotors, which is also available with wide tyres. This increases the foot print by up to 75% compared with the predecessor model.

"The soil is our capital. No other swather currently on the market has such a large contact area, which makes it very gentle on the soil."

Markus Pfender,
operator for Krumm contractors

Quality. For clean forage and a tidy job.

Patented fully floating cardan suspension.

Dual springs on all four rotors ensure perfectly smooth rotational movements. Combined with the suspension, this means that only 20% of the weight is applied to the front tyres of the rotor chassis – enabling optimum ground-contour following by the rotors.

"Patented dual springs steady the rotors at high ground speeds. I am really delighted at how smoothly the LINER moves."

Matthias Buck,
pre-series customer

Efficiency. Thanks to effective, well-conceived solutions.

High-torque drive.

The rotor must be reliable, so we have purposefully chosen a mechanical drive. Numerous tests have shown that this is the most efficient solution – it does a superb job, even handling the enormous quantities of forage you get in the UK, for example.

"Keep going when others have come to a standstill. 50% more power available to the tines than the hydraulic drive."

Raphael Spieler,
LINER test engineer

Efficiency. Thanks to effective, well conceived solutions.

Patented telescopic boom.

From a working width of up to 15 m to a transport width of just 3 m and a height of less than 4 m – no sooner said than done with the LINER four-rotor swather. It's all down to the unique design of the front arm which features a patented double telescoping function with C-profile. It also allows for rapid adjustment of the working width.

"Despite its 15 m width, it can make itself really narrow. And that's with the tine arms left in place!"

Clemens Frick,
LINER design engineer

Reliability. It's in our machines' DNA.

Continuously lubricated rotor drive assembly.

The core component of the LINER four-rotor swather runs in an oil bath to ensure maximum durability and service life. How do we know this? Because it has stood the test of time a thousand times over.

"The rotor dome assembly runs in an oil bath. This means that the most highly stressed component is continuously lubricated and doesn't require maintenance."

Christine Aßfalg,
CLAAS controller and farmer

Reliability. It's in our machines' DNA.

Sturdy main frame with trapezoidal profile.

The main frame of the LINER four-rotor swather has been throughly shaken around in the run-up to series production as a result of over 20,000 ha of operational experience and countless hours on the test bed. And the result? Passed with flying colours!

"The large frame with trapezoidal profile is as tough as they come. It's incredibly robust and solidly constructed."

Uli Biesenberger,
CLAAS test bed engineer

Comfort. Making life that little bit easier.

Hoses clearly assigned to couplings.

Whether you choose the BUSINESS or TREND version, the cleverly designed hose cabinet not only keeps the hoses clean and tidy; marking the function on both the hose and the corresponding connector makes for very simple attachment and removal.

"No one wants to waste any time on the field. The hoses are clearly marked and attaching them is child's play."

Linus Kesenheimer,
LINER design engineer

Comfort. Making life that little bit easier.

LED work lights.

Sometimes night falls before your working day is over. But you still need a clear view of the rotors and the work area – now you have it, with six perfectly positioned optional LED work lights.

"You can only work well if you can see well. LED headlights illuminate the work area as bright as day."

Michael Wessner,
LINER assembly supervisor and contract operator

The ultimate in professional equipment – 
the four-rotor swather.

BUSINESS and TREND equipment options.


ISOBUS control.

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Flexible operation in the field.

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Well-thought-out operation.

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Turns night into day.

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Direct operation with spool valves.

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Working width and swath width adjustment.

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The Big Four. You can count on us.

LINER 4900

  • Working width: 10.10 – 15.00 m
  • Rotor diameter: 3.80 m
  • Tine arms per rotor: 14
  • PROFIX: as standard
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LINER 4800

  • Working width: 9.30 m – 13.60 m
  • Rotor diameter: 3.50 m
  • Tine arms per rotor: 12
  • PROFIX: as standard
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LINER 4700

  • Working width: 9.30 – 12.70 m
  • Rotor diameter: 3.30 m
  • Tine arms per rotor: 12
  • PROFIX: as standard
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Experience the LINER with augmented reality.

Wondering how the new LINER will look on your farm? Just click the button to open an augmented reality application which puts a 3D rendering of the machine in your yard. You can use your smartphone to view it from all sides and take a close look at all the details.