CLAAS Product Security Incident Response Team

CLAAS is a manufacturer of high quality and durable products and is closely monitoring the issue of cybersecurity at every point in the product lifecycle from development to decommissioning.

The CLAAS Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) is the central team of the CLAAS Group that manages vulnerability assessment and disclosure. Any reports of possible vulnerabilities or other security incidents related to CLAAS products can be forwarded to the CLAAS PSIRT.

In this context, CLAAS is cooperating with the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) of the Association of Electrical Engineering (CERT@VDE)

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Vulnerability reporting

If you suspect that you have found a vulnerability in a CLAAS product, please report it using the following email address:

PGP Key: B223B69E4884367E2FA369509292A3BE08394D12

Your message ideally contains

  • Affected product
  • description of the vulnerability
  • If available: proof-of-concept, exploit or traces

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May 2021

Latest CLAAS News und Advisories

For the latest vulnerability reports in CLAAS products and security advisories, visit CERT@VDE.